Peer Review Journal:

Peer Review Journal:

Peer Review Journal: Make note of the most helpful comment you offered and received and record it as a journal BEFORE class ends on ______11/5_____.

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  1. Something that I thought was most helpful while peer reviewing was when Grace read the start of my essay and really explained what could be approved on. While she said she liked the starting sentence and most of the things I said. She also went into depth that I need to talk more about the Ted Talk and how it is related to the essay. She said it would also be helpful to have quotes from both my journals and the Ted Talks. Something that I thought was helpful that I offered to someone was having this person talk more about themself in their writing. This person talked mostly about the facts that were given through the Ted Talks and did not talk about their journals, artifacts or post conference. I believe that if this person added more about themself then their writing would of been more developed than what it was.

  2. The most helpful comment I received from my classmates were about my coaching throughout my years. I only added coaching experience with eric drown this semester but could have added more about my years in gymnastics and with tennis. Also they said i should put more in about how this coaching has helped me grow as a person and athlete and what I’ve learned from the people who coached me. They also said I need to add more examples from in class assignments we’ve had like field notes, journals and the papers we’ve written. The most helpful comment I gave was the same as the one I received, adding more about in class assignments into their paper rather than just having examples from out of school experiences. I also gave advice on organization because one of the papers was kind of hard to follow along with based on how run on the sentences were and the same idea in different places.

  3. For the peer review the best piece of advice I gave out was that the writer should try to connect his own experience from this semester with the article and take out some information in his summary that was not needed. Also I suggested he find some quotes to support his response more. The best piece of advice I received was that I should find a better way to transition my quotes into my paper and try to elaborate more on my experiences from this semester to connect it with the speech.

  4. One thing I found most helpful from the review was that they gave me knowledge that I forgot to talk about in my paper. I also got feedback on how I structured my paper. They told me I did a good job on setting it up that I just needed to incorporate my own thinking into the paper. I explained a lot about what was going on in the yet and not yet but if i put my own idea in then the reader will understand how I look at that kinda of method to help someone learn.

  5. A piece of revision that is most helpful for me would be that I need to add some of my own personal experience . My personal experience should be backed by Dweck’s ideas of “not yet”, “yet”, “growth and fixed mindset”. A revisions that I think was not helpful for my peers, was that she should add some quotes from Gwande’s Ted Talk to support her claims. She did a good job of summarizing Gwabde’s claim and how it is relevant to her own experiences, but quotes would help to better support her claims.

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