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  1. An interview is suppose to show new information on someone or to dig deeper into that conversation wealready know about. If I was interview for this assignment I have given my true honest opinion and show the pro’s and con’s of going to this school and try to give true answers to people looking into UNE. I would want someone to give me their true opinion about UNE if I was choosing if I wanted to go here and go into subjects others don’t want to talk about. Some challenges that might emerge responding to this interview would be being true and honest because you don’t want to seem like your giving a bad response to the school if there are some aspects that you don’t like about UNE.
    Someone in my life that helped be prepare for college was my father. My dad for the most part was very relaxed but when it came to school he was always pushing me to be my best in academics and sports. He always wanted me do my absolute best in everything. He helped me with my applications, going to tours and going to all my races that recuriters were at. If I didn’t have my father always psuhing me I wouldn’t be were I am today. For my dad he never had guidance or anyone teeling him to do well in school. He did it all for himself and he got himself into school and took the redline everyday to boston for classes at Suffolk University and then had to take the train back late at night and walk home.

  2. I would have difficulty answering these questions honestly and accurately because I would not want to offend anyone and their opinion. Being asked these questions on the spot would affect me because I wouldn’t know what questions to prepare for and how to answer them. Sometimes when i’m asked a question I have many ideas about it but I only share a few because I forget the others so this could affect the accuracy in my response. I could also not answer honestly because I don’t want people to know the truth about what I think so I make up a random response.
    My health science and anatomy teachers in high school prepared me for college because of the medical background I learned in their classes. My major here at UNE is medical biology so taking these classes helped me earn college credit through the local community college that transferred here and acquire knowledge that will be necessary to pass future college classes. I also received my Licensed Nursing Assistant Certification through my health science class which also helped me prepare for college because in the Pre-Physician assistant program it is required that you have two years of experience working as a healthcare professional in order to get the degree and work as a PA, so having this certification puts me ahead of most people in my program.

  3. None of the responses given surprise me because I saw that coming about the food and also saw that coming with the it is kind of small. Yes there are patterns in the responses everyone had mostly the same answers for everything unless they played a different sport or were in a different club or major. The sampling of the students were very diverse and good to see the different points of view from each person. I feel the same way as most of the students that were interviewed about the food and how easy the transition is. I don’t have any other curiosities.

    One person that helped me get ready for college for was my older brother. My brother helped me prepare in many ways, he is like test monkey my mom always says. He went to college before me so he taught me mostly what I needed to know to make it a easy transition for me. He also helped me with how I could better prepare myself for football. I also told the amount of work changes and how it is all on you whether or not you get to class and if you pass.

  4. Journal 19
    If I were to respond to these questions they would be pretty similar to everyone else’s but slightly different. The reason for that is because I like UNE a lot which is surprising considering that I didn’t want to go to college. I thought that the whole college thing was overrated. I was clearly wrong considering that I’m still here. As much as I like UNE the only challenge that I been facing is whether or not I should continue being a student at UNE because of my major. I think UNE is a great school but to be honest with you they’re not the best when it comes to being a business major. Now when the end of the school year approaches I have to make a tuff decision on whether or not if I should come back.
    It’s hard for me to choose just one person who prepared me for college. All my life I was lucky enough to have my family around teaching me and building me up for scenarios like college itself. However since I am to choose one person it would be my father. My pops showed me a lot of things and the most important one was how to be a man. I feel as though if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t know how to be on my own away from home and be strong for my family. I’m very grateful to have my pops in my life and for that I’ll make him very proud.

  5. If I was put into the position to answer all of the questions that the interviewees did then I would answer them the same as most of the people I selected. I saw a trend that everyone for sure did not believe that our school was a “party” school, but everyone loved the academic part to UNE. Most people come to college to get a good education in the field that they want to pursue and UNE is a great school with a great environment around it.
    The number one supporter I have getting to and through college would be my father. He has helped me get to college by making sure I learn the material if I ever had a question and helping me get into a good school that can be paid. Having a very smart dad is just another reason I want to succeed. My dad went to school for eight years before he starting working his job so going for only four years I believe that I can do it and he believes in me and pushes me to do the best I can do everyday. One thing that he stressed to me was getting into a routine, if you get into a routine in college then your body will get used to the work load that you have to do and your brain will be used to absorbing the amount of material you are being taught.

  6. If I was asked these same questions during an interview, I would not have a problem answering honestly. But answering these questions accurately could be challenging. During an interview I feel like I would sugarcoat the answers because I wouldn’t want to use the wrong wording. By using the wrong wording I guess it could be considered not being honest. During interviews I feel like the person you are interviewing thinks you rather heard what you want to hear, not what they are actually thinking. Especially if you do not know the person that is interviewing.
    The main person that helped me prepare for college would be the person I look up too. My close friend, Brianna. She graduated college this year and is now going into graduate school. She helped me going into college because as an only child I had no idea what college was going to be like. She would answer all my questions when I had them. She gave me advice on how to study and every little bite of advice that I could ask for. She was the one to tell me to have a connection with Professors and never be afraid to ask for help. She told me what it could be like sharing a room and preparing for my exams. She also told me that college kids are much more chill than high school and most drama will disappear.

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