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  1. 1.I have multiple moments Eric has helped me to improve in my writing process. I went to Eric on Tuesday to help me to fully understand how to do the comparison between Dweck and my own experience. He helped me to understand each step, starting with formulating a clear claim. This way of writing was new to me and I felt overwhelmed a little bit, but once I left Eric’s office I could do the rest by myself. I felt like I understood how to set up each section of the paragraph, and knowing what they wanted specifically.

    2.During my conference with Jesse, he gave me many helpful tips to enhance my writing and reading skills. He taught me that I should annotate at least every page of a piece because I have a lot of ideas in my head, and I never know what sentence can help my claim. He noticed that I would spend a lot of time trying to find quotes that I like or want to use, but if I already have the page marked up it will be easier to find quotes. This also blends into my writing process because without my marking I do not know what I was thinking when i underline a sentence, causing my claim to shift slightly making it difficult to read. I found the tips that Jesse gave me helpful to improve my skills.

    3.Another time Eric coached me was with understanding important ideas in a text, how to read signs that give insight towards how the author feels about a topic. He also taught me that I want to find quotes in a piece that back up my claim, not dominate it. Eric showed me how to read between the lines of text to get what I want out of it, for my own use. I had trouble picking out the main ideas of some piece, due to their complexity. Once I left Eric’s office, I could identify main ideas much better all from a 50 minute meeting. I feel like if I never went to Eric’s office this semester I would probably not be doing as good as I am because I would not be improving as quickly if I had to figure everything out on my own.

  2. Journal 16

    Throughout my writing career I was never the best writer, however I always thought that the work that I have done was somewhat decent. Before I met Eric Drown whenever I got writing prompts I would just read the paper and then go into writing about what the prompt had ask. What Eric Drown made me realize was that just simply reading the prompt is not going to help me write a good paper. He showed me that I have to write on the prompt as well pointing out and seeing the important parts that the prompt had asked of. Which I really never thought of; now whenever I look at at prompt I always make underlined marks or writing some type a text to better understand what I am going to write about. Another skill that he thought I should work on was my the ability to type. Eric Drown had realize that I was a slow typer and he explained to me that in order for me to make my paper that much better I have to keep up with my ideas. Otherwise my brain will be moving too fast my fingers which defeats the whole purpose. So he suggested one of two things to speed my writing process which is to learn how to start typing faster or to start using speech dictation which is very helpful and I now find it very efficient and effective whenever I’m writing. Lastly he told me to start really understanding what I was reading. One time when I was with Eric Drown we were reading this piece and he told me to explain it. After I had got done explaining what I have interpreted he pointed out just simple words in the passage that change my thoughts on the piece, now whenever I read I look for just those simple words that can change the whole meaning of the piece.

  3. 1. Dr. Drown and I were working on an assignment for Habits of the creative mind and We were trying to find quotes that I could talk about in class and I was having trouble understanding what some of them were saying about unlearning certains skills that you learned in high school. Dr.Drown was able to give me examples that helped me relate to what I was trying understand. He made a connections with my rowing agenda and writing the 5 paragraph essay. He said if you look at your rowing schedule you see that you have a set routine but there is always changes because everyday is different just like how essay is different and one format doesn’t work for every essay.
    1. One day when I had my writing tutoring we were going over Animal place by Pollan and I couldn’t understand all the perspectives that were in the passage. So Dr.Drown had me highlight pollan and singers name and anyone that had the same opinions as them. We put together a list he and he showed me how pollan and singer each a team that was behind their ideas. He wanted me to see when I wrote an essay what my team would be for my own opinion on it. I used my perspective and others in my essay later that month to dip my oar into the conversation.
    3. Another time when Dr. Drown has helped me was when I came to him and asked about how I should insert my claim into the journal based on the TED talk we watched. He said that you want your claim to be clear and to be the first thing that readers read. We also talked about how after the claim you want to provide evidence that can support your claim. You want your claim to first shape your paragraph into what its going to be then dip your oar in and sahow what your’re bringing to the discussion.

  4. When Gwande states that “Yale hired a head coach; Harvard did not. The results? Over the next three decades, Harvard won just four times. Harvard hired a coach.” I can relate to this because it corresponds with how I work or how I understand stuff in class and how I do with Mr. Drown. From a coaching standpoint when you are coached you can understand things a lot better then when you are in a class setting and the teacher is talking to everyone and not just you. When I am in class it is hard to understand but with Eric I understand a lot better.

    The difference between a good coach and a bad coach is that bad coaches don’t actually tell you what you did wrong or are doing wrong they will just yell and scream and maybe take you out. A good coach will tell you what you did wrong and how to fix it, yes they may still yell but at least they are letting you know how to fix what you did. Gwande shows this as to when he hires his old retired professor to watch one of his surgeries and to correct him and he points out the little stuff that he did wrong that people often miss. Just like Eric did with my Pollan essay.

    Gwande states that “coaching helped them learn to execute on the fundamentals. And you could see it here”. Being coached helps people notice minor mistakes that we think aren’t a big deal but in reality are big deals. I have been coached in this way like when I was with Eric when we went back to when reading pollan and highlighted the text because it was a skill I was not using. It helped a lot having Eric.

  5. The first moment that i remember Eric provide me a lot of support is during our first meet. It has nothing to do with papers and essays,but it help me on overall academic success. I remember the first time i saw him, and he ask me to open up all course required website such as eportfolios, black board and all that stuff, and show him how to post a article in eportfolios, check my score in Blackboard and all that stuff. However, i had hard time with it. With his help, i knows how those thing work. Moreover he introduce me multiple access to different academic resource that une provide such as how to make a appointment with tutor, how to use the printing machine in library, and so on. My second moment that tells me how great of coach eric is and how important is tot have a coach, is when he give me feed back on my papers. He first read it and think about it for a minute then ask me read certain part of my own papers and ask me whats wrong wit it . At first i really dont like it cause i think its my own paragraph. Whatever is out there is out there, there is nothing i can do about it.However, i spend couple minuet to reread it and realize it something just feel right. I really like the way he coaches, leads me to figure out my own problem, point it out himself when its necessary. Unlike other tutors/coaches just tell you the problem are and tell you how to fix it. Students will bareilly learn anything from that way, instead they will relay on other people. Moreover, when he tell you what the problem is, he really break thing down to details and its easier for you to understand that way.

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